Brissi or Not

So, during our visit to Brissi in Bath yesterday we saw some beautiful standing mirrors, ideal for our landing where we want to improve the look and add some extra light. Starting at £430.00 and going up to almost £600.00, they really are stunning but a long way from cheap and well beyond the sort of money we would consider paying.

Looking online last night, we found you could achieve a similar effect for a bit less than half that- but even so, £180.00 is still a pretty hefty sum for a ‘look’.

A trip to our local Range this morning, however provided the perfect solution with the bargain of the century. A stunning 186cm x 96cm standing mirror with antiqued silver frame for £89.00 and as it was the last in the shop and the display model, with a prompt, they offered it to us with a 25% discount.

£67.50 and it was ours and they even carried it out to the car and helped me get it on the roof.

Now that boys and girls is a what I call a deal….Mirror 4


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