So Sad

It started with a red light on the dashboard and a missed flight to Scotland and just over a week later its ended with red rust in the sub frame and call to the scrappy.

Yes, at long last our trusty bus of the last 5 years and hero of many a Glamping trip has finally given up the ghost for good and tomorrow he will go to that great breaker in the sky where Insurance write offs, Mot failures and those that have just reached the end of the line, I like to think, get to spend eternity.

So the black bus, our Dodge Caliber or, as it had become of late, our Dodgy Caliber is gone but what next? What do you replace such a trusty and useful steed with? Well, all will be revealed by the end of the week and hopefully the new wheels will ready by Saturday and up to the job of transporting Chez, Bella and I to Salcome for 4 nights at Karrageen Camping and plenty of clotted cream cornets.

More to follow – Oh, and fingers crossed for some dry weather.


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