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For some time I’ve been in two minds about this post. The thing is most of the chaps I know, strangely, don’t seem too keen on discussing skin care, so my question is, are we ready to start?

Now younger guys such as my daughter’s boy friend seem more than happy with the idea of grooming and those who aspire to the GQ Magazine type male role models are pretty cool about it too but I think as ‘chaps’, there is a tendency for the more mature male to shy away from the concept. Now I empathise and completely understand why, however, as this is my first ‘Chap Chat’ blog I thought to hell with it JoJo its time to bite the bullet and make a stand. It’s time to get this issue out of the shadows, it’s time to start talking… ‘Chapping’….. er chaps.

My Bro, who lives in Iceland uses all sorts of products on his features (well, mostly Nivea, when I last enquired) The thing is, the wind damage to your face up at 66° North, almost anytime from September to the middle of May, when potentially ice laden gales will be lashing your cheeks and a chill factor reaching minus 20° means the old facial integument takes a hell of a pounding. 

Ok so the UK is not Iceland but we still all need to take care of ourselves. From quite an early age I remember suffereing, like so many, with the old croissant syndrome – you know, when your face goes all puffed up and flaky . Well back then when the discomfort got too to much take, I’d resort to raiding my Mum’s dressing table and smearing my face with whatever in the way of cream I’d find there. Usually Ponds vanishing(what ever that did) but sometimes Nivia (must be where my Bros dirty little habit started). Well this worked after a fashion and for years borrowing the lady in my life’s beauty products was all I had. Turning up at school smelling of Mums Lily of the Valley or Picardy rose, however, did little to enhance the Alpha male image I was aspiring to portray and as an adult the combination of Old Spice and the wife’s Oil of Olay, I’m certain, hindered my promotion on many occasions

So, cutting to the chase, some twenty  years ago I was introduced to the Body Shop men’s range (actually about the same time as I started reading GQ ) and it was the wonder drug I’d been searching for. I’m now totally dependent and in fact suffer physical withdrawal symptoms if I don’t know there are at least 2 unopened Maca Root Energetic Face Protectors in the draw even when having just started the third.

Summer and winter my problem is now solved and since then I’ve never looked back………. or flaky

Tom Ford

Or if you really want to splash and go for a high end product, the Tom Ford range might be just the ticket. Designer quality and  oodles of street cred, but it’ll cost you a mortgage every month.

Next time 

The best budget aftershave……….. or possibly something else all together