Having avoided social media for many years, it was my good lady who ultimately seduced me into dipping my toe in the water. She and our youngest, Hannie, have a penchant for lifestyle vloggers (now there’s a new term I’ve learned) who are mostly female and almost without exception young and pretty. 

In the usual male/husband/blokey fashion I always struggle with finding appropriate pressies come Christmas, and as the fateful day got ever nearer this year looked worryingly like being no exception. However, being introduced to Hello October, Fleur de Force and Tanya Burr, to mention just a few, it suddenly struck me that my 2015 pressie dilemma could have a simple solution. 

Now Chezie is a dab hand at photography, what with her on line shop and blog rubyragboxblog.wordpress.com but to date it’s my gear she’s been using. (I know, your ahead of me already) well as you’ve guessed I decided for Chrissy 2015, a camera it would be. 

Checking out the best bridge cameras on line left me with a number of choices and I had already researched that HD video was a must have for would be vloggers. Ultimately, the decision came down to Canon (which I use) or Nikon and after a long chat with the very knowledgeable and helpful chap in John Lewis I plumped for a Nikon l840.

Hannie has a Saturday job in JL working for Luxotica (more of the benefits of this later) so combining taking her to lunch and swift visit to the electrical department, sans the misses, and problem solved.

 Now you might well be ask what has this tale of festive preparation has got to do with ABOUT and me – well if the girls can blog and vlog, why shouldn’t I

 So this blog is for the more mature male, the sort of chap who’s been round the block a few times, who has a few miles on the clock, who’s been about a bit and knows the score, but who still has a bit of style and importantly some petrol in the tank.

 I hope you enjoy

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