Sometimes something happens that just make you want to weep.

Green Machine Hard Top pics 2017 008 (2)

Some weeks ago, reversing green machine into the garage in the dark, I somehow ended up in an altercation with my neighbours wheelie bin. As so often in these cases, the bin had the better of the encounter and green machine suffered some nasty scratches to the bumper and a cracked front side light.

Scouring the internet, I managed to source a pair of pattern smoked glass replacements for less than a single genuine BMW unit. Bargain thinks I, so I ordered them from Ebay.

Two weeks later the lights turn up in a neat little jiffy bag and opening it up I check them out, just perfect.

Leaving the bag by the back door, ready to take up to the garage to fit later, I’m off to take father in law, Norman to his hospital appointment.

Returning home, via a haircut from Paul ( best barber in the valley) and drinking a cuppa in the garden with Chez, who’s been blitzing the cleaning all day, I ask where she’s put the jiffy bag.

After a longish pause and  a funny look she replies…I put it out this morning – in the recycling.

I’m still in bloody shock.


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