A younger me………..

Me B&W 022 comp

me B&W 2 008 comp

About 2 years old

me B&W (2) comp

Me with big bro, Pete


Me B&W 005 (3) compgg

Early 60’s I think -note the back end of Dad’s old Jag in the background-  a 1947 1.5. Cost him about 75 quid then. If you could find one now, you’d need £30,000 to take it home

me B&W 2 003 comp

My canoe, sat in the garden for 2 years and that’s as close as it ever got to water

Me B&W 014 (3)

Me and Mum at Robbers Bridge Exmore early 60s-our MG VA Tourer’s front end on the right. Dad paid £75.00 for it and it was written off by a Ford Zephyr that jumped the lights.I saw a very smart on of these in a  sale recently with a guide of £39.000

me B&W 2 001 comp

Bro’s bike and probably his tie too

me B&W 2 004 comp1964 My first motor bike –  a 125 BSA Bantam in trials spec. The garden wall was built by Dad and is still there now.

Me B&W 021 (2) comp

Me and my Mk 1 Cortina in 1971

And the moral of the story is, keep your cars for ever

You check out all the bikes and cars I’ve had over the years on my Pinterest board


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