My Monochrome Gallery

Every now and again the urge comes upon me to hit the shutter and tinker…….. with, generally speaking, quite a lot of emphasis on the tinkering bit.

The following are some of the outcomes and  I’ll continue adding pics to this gallery as and when the mood takes me.

You can also find these on pinterst should you ever feel the need to browse.

Beard 013 (4)

Maralyn visit March 021 (4)comp


Maralyn visit March 027 (4) comp


waddeston9 (3) comp

Maralyn visit March 006 (6)

Maralyn visit March 004 (3)Easter 2016 022 (9)compEaster 2016 036 2 (2)

Maralyn visit March 039 (5) compMaralyn visit March 021 (4)comp


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