For a few years now I’ve been a bit of a Superdry fan, not all their stuff mind and their stripy Ts are certainly not for me (I’ve got a rack of Crew shirts like that which now never see the light of day) but I do like their vintage logo range. £24.00 is about the going rate depending on design and fabric but here’s the thing you really have to check out their ebay shop before you fork out the full price.

I know a lot of the stuff is factory seconds but they are T shirts after all, so who cares. I’ve had some real bargains and almost all the gear is half price and sometimes even less. Also keep an eye open for offers, their 3 for 2 T shirts is still on which means you could get 3 Ts for just over 20 quid – now that really is a steal

I’ve also just seen Selvedge Slim Jeans, Garage Wash at 34.99 down from 94.99 a whacking 63% off now they’re right up my boulevard as they say…………………could be time to raid the piggy bank again.

SD Jeans


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