A new distraction

Well  Chaps and Chapesses,  the reason I’ve been a bit quiet on the post front recently is I’ve suddenly found a whole new interest, well actually pinterest to be more precise and it’s completely addictive. (Oh, and the other reason for being a bit post shy is I’ve had the same damn cold since, it seems like, the New Year. Anyone else feel the same??)

So anyway, for those of you that don’t know Pinterest, it’s all about pictures – pictures of this, pictures of that, in fact pictures of anything.

You start by creating your own albums, or boards as they are called and you can have as many of these as you like. You then start pinning images to these boards and these can come from anywhere. There’s a library of images you can chose from or you can browse the internet for pictures you want to use, or you can use your own.

As long as you make your boards public, everyone can see them (but there is also a secret board option if you don’t want to share) and you can then follow each other boards and like or re-pin any images on your own board, facebook style.

It sounds really childish but it’s actually utterly compelling and I’m a hooked. As an aspirational Dandy, my early favourite is men’s fashion and so that’s what I’ve been doing, – well when I’m not trying to stay afloat in the real world, anyway – pinning pictures of guys, mostly older guys for obvious reasons, looking cool, handsome and suave

So my new stand out phrase has to be – silver is the new black………………….. think I might go for a full beard next

beard 1


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