Autumn has its compensations…

With thoughts of mist and mellow fruitfulness peeking over the horizon, I got the urge today to subtly shift towards my cooler month culinary fair and decided to make my first Soda Bread of the season.

Undaunted by a dearth of Buttermilk in the fridge, I also decided to make some of this as well.

200ml of semi skimmed milk, a couple of table spoons of Chez’s Greek yogurt and some freshly squeezed lemon juice and in less than 5 minutes, lo I had Buttermilk.

This has to be the easiest bread in the world to make and one of the tastiest too. Flour, Buttermilk, salt and baking powder all in the same bowl and just mix.

Pretty pleased with the look and it also passed the taste test too, as one of the corners sort off fell the piping hot loaf as it came out of the oven and being the gentleman I am, I knew it would impolite not to smear it with salty butter and gobble it down.

Soda bread 17.jpg


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