The best budget Aftershave

Hugo  HugoHugo

So I thought about doing a biggish piece on this but in the end I’ve gone for brevity and also not the original – brain not in gear – um draft…

A couple of years back, on Hols in Dartmouth, Mrs R and I were using the local Lidl as it was the closest Supermarket to our Glamp Site but also a brilliant shop with a superb pastry section and almond croissants to die for (plus a 3 for 2 deal the week we were there)

Weight gain aside, we were having a great time and one morning while trundling my trolley full of croissants down the aisles I overheard a conversation between a mum and daughter regarding the merits of an aftershave/eau de toilette sitting on the shelf with a somewhat 1970s handle, ‘X bolt’. Now the gist of the discussion was that X-bolt is more or less the same as Hugo boss

X bolt thought I, now come on, we chaps all know –

Bottled Night is the secret weapon in the BOSS man’s armoury of seduction, instilling in him the same compelling presence in the evening that underpins his success by day’’

However, with around a £35 difference in the price, at £3.99, I’d have been a fool not to give it a go…….. and so I did.

Now I’ve got a compelling presence underpinning me 24 hours a day………. and at a bargain price, to boot.


X bolt






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