Hugge time again

Bowing to the inevitable (despite still trying to hang on to the notion of summer for as long as possible) I’ve finally accepted the need to embrace autumn and acknowledging Santa’s sleigh is only 10 weekends away, start the annual taste test marathon for the very best in pre -Christmas hot chocolate.

One of our favourite haunts and certainly one of Cardiff’s coolest caterers, Barker’s tea rooms in High Street Arcade, as the picture show, has already set the bar pretty high. Both in style and quality this might be a hard act to beat, however, despite top class ingredients and a really stylish presentation, the drink itself could, I think, have been just a bit richer and certainly a tad sweeter too.

Insufficient time’s gone, for a 10 from John – so it’s a starter of 8 for Robert’s emporium.

me Oct 17 barkers choc comp (2)


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