My annual dilemma

If the pressure of first having to choose between Brexit or Brexin, then the mental turmoil of Donald verses Hillary wasn’t enough, I’m now faced with a decision that frankly completely eclipses these political events.

Over the last two days I, like I’m sure most of the rest of the country, have been mentally wrestling with what is undoubtedly the hardest choice of 2016 – is it the John Lewis Christmas advert or good old M&S that is the best and that’s not forgetting the early front runner, the return of Milk Tray man.

I appreciate we are not yet even in December and so there is a lot of air time left to play and we all now know how flawed the pollsters have been of late, so I’m relying on gut instinct and my vote, this year has to be for the lovely…………. Jane (t) McTeer and Mrs Clause.


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