Warner Bros. Studio Tour – The Making of Harry Potter


Has anyone else been to the Harry Potter Experience – isn’t it just brilliant?

You see it went like this. A couple of years back Jack and Hannie went up as a Christmas pressie from Jack’s Mum and Dad and they absolutely loved it and, to be honest I was  more than a little envious. Firstly, I’m a total Harry  fan and the other thing is I’m a complete sucker for this studio tour sort of stuff – I cut my teeth in Orlando in the early 90’s on the Back to the Future ride and Jaws (you just gotta see that shark in the dark!!) In fact I loved Florida so much we went back 3 years running, but that’s another story.

Well anyway, just before Christmas Hannie said she’d like to go again and this time Jack couldn’t make it due to lectures, so Chez said why don’t we all go. You can probably imagine, I leaped at the chance and then, even better, Han’s super buddy Laura who’s at Uni in Liverpool said she’d like to go as well and we had a plan – Harry Potter here we come!!


So a little while back, off we went and meeting Laura at Watford Station we all made our way to the Warner Bros Studio at Leavesden. It’s a dead easy journey M4, M25 then dive off at junction 20 and basically, there you are

Well it was just brilliant, no big rides just a tour of the studio, so seeing and touching the costumes, playing with the props and walking on the actual sets to drink in the atmos.

There were photo opps everywhere – I sat on Hagrid’s motorbike, took off (well almost) in  Ron’s Ford Anglia, walked through the Great Hall and pushed my trolley onto platform 9¾,but the best bit, the very best bit was……………… flying on Harry’s broomstick.

Sadly I can’t upload the video due to copyright protection but you can see some stills.


2015-12-17 (10)   2015-12-17 (1)      2015-12-17 (12)


Oh, and I still regret not buying one of those fab Gryffindor scarves.


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