Going to the Pictures

As some of you will be aware, I recently managed to squeeze in a visit to our local flics to see Star Wars and what an ace film it is too – but you all know that already so I’ve not got much to add,  although I will just say how surprisingly emotional the scenes with the older Princess Leia and Han Solo were, they so took me back to another time

Anyway, my local flics – well to be honest we are spoilt for cinema choice round here. A twenty or so minute drive in any direction (well with Chezie behind the wheel anyway) will find you at one of, at least, six top quality Multiplexes (is that really the plural?) Now this is just brilliant, but for me there really is only one choice, and that’s Maxime Cinema in Blackwood and its just 5 miles up the road.

Now the Blackwood Maxime is the newest Picturedrome cinema to be opened in the country and most of the others are along the South coast so we are blessed indeed to have one pop up here in the Valleys (thank you so much kind Mr Picturedrome people). It only opened last year and is in the original Blackwood Cinema building and, if I may say so, a long overdue return to its cinematic roots from many years as a Bingo hall.

Not huge, with cosy auditoriums, it still has 5 screens all with full Dolby Digital surround sound and its bijou size and intimacy is all part of its charm. Add to this a delightful Art Deco themed interior and this picture palace really captures the essence of what going to the flics is all about – I get a frisson of excitement just buying a ticket and walking to my seat.

So, Just before Christmas, Chez and I had decided to see the Lady in the Van, (another great film) brilliant cast, Allan Bennett script, well naturally ( it’s his story ) and Dame Maggie Smith – what’s not to like and we just loved it. 

Any way, when we got the tickets we ordered two coffees as well to take in, but as it happened the coffee machine had run out of decaf so the lady had to dash upstairs to the bar for more sachets. This obviously meant a bit of a delay, but not a problem and we were happy to lounge and people watch… you know, as you do. Well, I almost fell over when she said ‘’look, rather than wait about here, I’ll bring the Coffees to you, where are you sitting?’’

Now I don’t expect this level of attention every time, and we were at a matinee so things were quiet, but this was service second to none and I was seriously, seriously impressed.

And here’s the thing – I we got treated like Royalty, had a fab couple of hours, saw a brilliant film and how much did we have to pay for this pure enjoyment……………..just £2.50

These guys deserve a beatification.


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