TGI Friday

Big decisions have been required today and I mean big………

Now it’s been a busy old week with lots of work including an all-day Conference in the Bay on Wednesday, but through a bit of cunning planning and a whopping dollop of good fortune I’ve managed to get one of those rare things……… a free afternoon.

Chez won’t be back until about 4.30ish, I’ve finished my chores (well the worky bits anyway) and the weekend is beckoning. The thing is, freedom means choice and choice means decisions and decisions mean……….well deciding, and here lies the problem. ,

Firstly, after weeks of mist and rain, at last, the sun is out, a rare treat so far this summer, sorry winter, so should I give Green Machine a thorough clean and check her oily bits. Not too keen on that though and despite the sun, it’s bloody freezing out. Although with snow on the way it could be some time before I get the opportunity again and I can always put my, newly acquired ELO greatest hits in the CD………it could work

But hang on, I’ve also seen that both, Oscar nominated, ‘The Danish Girl’ and ‘The Revenant’ are on at the Maxime, our brilliant local Flics (I’ve just got to tell you about the Maxime, but that’s for another time) Now I’m great fan of our Eddy who’s really growing in both status and presence, as an actor and the film has impressive reviews. So could be contender for my precious free hours as well.  

Then the Revenant looked good too and I haven’t seen a decent western since Paint Your Wagon. The thing is, I’m not too keen on that Leonardo Da Vinci bloke. Now don’t get me wrong, he’s a top Hollywood star but ever since he took half the film to peg out inTitanic, I’ve never really been a devotee.

So here we are. Do I roll up my sleeves, freeze my …… off and sort out the car, do I satisfy my intellectual and emotional needs with some thought provoking Nordic angst or do I share Leonardo’s journey as he struggles in sub-zero temperatures fighting Bears, Indians and who knows what to succeed against the odds. As I said tough choices.

So decision made……………..Star Wars and a big tub of Popcorn it is.

Da-da da-da deda-da

star wars


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