Dressing up/dressing down continued-


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So taking this attire/dress code business a bit further, last week Chez and I  decided to‘do’ the sales. Chezie’s plan was to just wander, whilst my target was a decent pair of black shoes for every  day wear and which would take me through to when the warmer weather arrives (I mean proper warm like April, not mad warm like we’ve been having)

Now I’m a high street man through and through and always have been. This is based on shopping habits honed over more years than I care to remember. (My first Chelsea boots in green calf skin came from the Kings Road back in 19 (something I can’t remember) but the fact that I like to see what I’m getting, the pleasure of browsing and stopping for a nice cup of coffee and the whole atmosphere of being in town all play a part ……. and, of course, not overlooking my budgetary constraints.  Yes I do have a longing for a nice pair of Christian Louboutin’s I saw recently but ho hum and I could probably get 5 pairs of shoes from Dune for the same money and certainly would if I’d got the spare cash handy.  Now when I say high street, I certainly don’t shy away from the old online stuff, (god bless Paypal) and the deals you can get from the Ebay Superdry store are just brilliant but more of this another time

So back to the shoe hunt; well as I said a pair of everyday day shoes was the goal and my first stop and, as it happens, last stop as well was River Island – an emporium I like to visit a lot.

A quick browse and lo and behold a pair of really nice black thick-soled polished smooth fronts caught my eye. Plain but stylish with some neat stitching detail by the heel seam, a bargain at the pre-sale price of 50 smackeroonies, the tag said they could be mine for 25 quid. Over to the till and amazing, they were actually on sale for £20. Thank you, says I and they were in the 5p bag, as they say.

I love just love a bit of successful one stop shopping and it also gave Chez and I extra time for coffee and toast in Bills, as well. Check out their marmalade mmmmmmmmm

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I thought a pic might tell the tale better, so here they are complete with my Christmas Harry Potter socks – cool or what.

Bye for now


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