Now tell me, why is it that you always need new tyres on the old motor at the most inconvenient times? Inevitably it’s always going to be at the wrong end of the month financially and this time of year, of course, when you’ve also just paid for Christmas and not to mention, in our family calendar, our daughter’s 21st birthday as well. Now don’t get me wrong, I adore Christmas and  I worship Hannie more than I can say but I ask you, 3, yes 3 new tyres…….. where’s the justice


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  1. New WINTER tyres in October, new SUMMER tyres in May. In what sort of dysfunctional traffic does one suddenly need new tyres in January? Or have they suddenly become peppered with melting tarmac down there in the tropical south?


    1. Chezie is back to work today, hence the ungodly hour of this post and yes melting tarmac has been a problem so far this winter. Fortunately we had our first frost since October yesterday (our second frost of the winter) Quite nice actually but a hell of a shock to the water Lilly that’s just come into flower in the pond and it might even slow up the strawberries in the back garden that insist on continuing to produce fruit.

      After dire warnings from environmentalist we’ve all been putting Factor 50 on our cornflakes for the last 10 weeks in an attempt to bring down the temperature………….seems to be working at last., Thank heavens for scientists.


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